Nick Dash continued his brilliant run with great finishes in all four of his races at Mildenhall. After being promoted to a Blue roof he had two fourth place and a second place finish in his Bangerstox heats. These inpressive finishes put him on the front row for the RDC Suffolk Championship race which he then won.


We supply Nick with all of his track tyres and inturn he will have our logo embossed on his current Black Ford Fiesta track car along with wearing A1 Tyres branded event clothing.

For more inforation visit www.rdcpromotions.com.

Drifting - Free Tyres

Here at A1 Tyres we regularly visit Lydden Hill Race Track to watch events and one event we can help with is Drifting. We can offer all drifters free tyres in their needed sizes. Please contact us for your requested sizes and we can do our best to get you as many of our pre-used tyres as needed. 

Future Sponsorship

Here at A1 Tyres we are consistantly looking for sponsorship opportunites within our local community. So please feel free to contact Ashley Tuite with any future proposals. 

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