TPMS- Tyre Pressure Monitoring System




All new vehicles manufactured after 1st Nov 2012, have to have TPMS fitted as standard




We wouldn't replace a Tyre without replacing the valve!


In order to maintain the air seal, a valve should always be changed when replacing a tyre. When a new tyre is fitted is fitted, all the seals and grommets should be changed to prevent more costly repairs later



Batteries are designed to last 75k miles/5 years before replacement


We are an officially approved i-Sensor fitter and retailer meaning we can offer some of the best value replacements on the market


Don't pay main dealer prices when we can offer the exact service for over half the price





When Replaced with Tyres


Sensor replacement (including Programming)            £69.99ea

Sensor Servicing Kit                                                       from £10ea


Purchased Individually


Sensor replacement (including Programming)            £79.99ea

Sensor Servicing Kit                                                       from £10ea

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