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Fun Dog Day

We are pleased to have recently sponsored a local Fun Dog Day held by the Chancepixies Animal Rescue Charity. The event was a great success with a fantastic amount of money raised. Here at A1 Tyres we donated £70 and Liam had great fun having his picture taken for the fund raising event.

EU Tyre Labelling Guide

Below you can see the new EU Tyre Label with full explaination. This label will be on all tyres from November 1st and will help you, the customer, to make an informed choice about safer and more environmentally friendly driving. The labels are categories according to their performance in three key areas.

1) Fuel Efficiency

Category A is the most efficient and means you will use the least amount of fuel on your journey, with category G being the least fuel efficient. A tyre which is more fuel efficient helps to reduce both CO2 emissions and driving costs. Choosing A rated tyres over G rated tyres could potentially reduce fuel consumption by up to 7.5%.


2) Wet Braking

Category A rated tyres provide the shortest braking distances on wet roads whereas the G rated will have the longest braking distance in the wet. Wet braking performance is critical to your road safety as it affects how quickly you will be able to brake. Choosing A rated tyres over the G rated tyres can help you stop up to 18m shorter.


3) Exterior Noise

The third element of the label is noise emission and it is measured in decibels. One black wave shows the least noise emission and is at least 3dbs below the future legal limit. The three black waves show the most noise emission, which is above future legal limits.

More to Think About

The above categories are not the only factors which determine the specifications of tyres and are only three of about 12 performance criteria. Other performance criteria which need to be taken into consideration are wet and dry handling, aquaplaning, resistance, tyre longevity, braking and handling in snow and ice, high speed stability and traction.

Ebay Auctions for Tyres

We are now developing our trade through the well know auction site ebay. We will be using the site to offer some of our promotional stock and slower moving products at even better prices. Our ebay account name is a1tyres-kent so feel free to search us for some truly bargain tyres.

Amazing Maxxis Offers

During certain months of the year we will be doing amazing deals on all of our recommended mid-range tyres - Maxxis. The prices will be the most competitive of any of the Maxxis Dealer Stockists and covers the full car range, 4 x 4 and commercial tyres.

After our amazing Maxxis deals we are happy to congratulate Anna Foreman on winning our lucky dip £50 Marks & Spencers Vouchers. 

Here is a photograph of Anna accepting the vouchers from Owner Ashley Tuite.


Keep an eye out for anymore special offers here from A1 Tyres Dover.

A1 Tyres Football Team

We now have our own football team competing in the Herne Bay and Whitstable League Division 1. After successfully winning Division 2 with 13 wins and only 1 loss we look forward to the new challange.


This is the second year in the league and we hope to keep you up to date with all the results.


League link -

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